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Vendor Advisory

discover the full potential through our competent vendor advisory.

Whether you are selling residential, commercial or industrial property our real estate advisory team will work closely with the property owner to provide guidance and support throughout the selling process.
This service comes at no cost to the vendor.

Some of the key areas we can assist include:
  1. Property Appraisal – Helping vendors understand the market through research and analysis of comparable properties in the area.
  2. Agent Selection – selecting and interviewing the most suitable agent to sell your property
  3. Negotiation – Assisting In negotiation to help vendors evaluate offers and decide on the best course of action to secure the best possible price for your property
  4. Paperwork & Documentation – ensuring that all necessary documentation is correctly prepared and handled during the sale process
  5. Transaction Management – we are there to oversee the entire transaction process from the signing of the sales contract and ultimately the settlement of your property.

Our clients have repeatedly said, having an experienced and guiding hand beside them takes all the stress and uncertainty out of the sale process.

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