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Walter Burfitt-Williams is a Sales Agent with McGrath (Edgecliff), a leading Sydney lifestyle property group. After working with Brendan and Anne Jack from Buyer’s Service for Real Estate on a number of sales projects, he is well-placed to reflect on their standing within the industry.

“I have known and done business with Brendan & Anne Jack of Buyer’s Service for Real Estate for over twelve years. They are very much the benchmark for buyers agents with their considered and thoughtful approach.

Their hallmark professionalism sets an exceptional standard, and the extent of the research they undertake for clients is simply unmatched within the industry. Through the years I have taken many calls from them as they hunt down information—information that others wouldn’t even think to consider or know where to find, but which in their hands becomes an integral part of a powerful purchasing strategy.

To see Brendan and Anne in action together is to understand just how dynamic they are as a team, with a depth of experience and knowledge that allows them to know exactly how to approach the challenge of securing a particular property for their client—and no two property sales are ever the same. Their skills at negotiation are outstanding, which probably explains why they have been so consistently successful for such a long time in a continually changing market.

I have sold many properties to Buyer’s Service for Real Estate clients over the years - ranging from studio apartments to large homes and commercial premises. Some of the deals have been more challenging than others, requiring great skill and persistence to get them over the line. A fair number of our transactions have also been off-market – where clients were given the opportunity to snap up a property even before it was formally listed.

A point worth noting about Buyer’s Service for Real Estate is the depth of numbers and the amazing loyalty of their client base. It’s not uncommon for them to have the same clients coming back time and time again to purchase yet another property through them. While many of their clients are private individuals, they also have a range of large organisations that engage their services for transactions of all sizes.

I highly recommend Brendan and Anne Jack’s services and look forward to many more years of doing business with them.”

- Walter Burfitt-Williams, Sales Agent, McGrath (Edgecliff)

7 properties and counting

Further to our recent discussions and purchase of 2 commercial properties in O'Connell Street, Sydney, this is to thank you for helping us with these 2 purchases. It is also to thank you for the other 3 residential and 2 commercial properties you have helped us purchase over the last 5 and more years.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your professional team. In all dealings you were thorough and diligent in your research and reviewed a wide range of properties to bring us only the best properties that fulfilled our requirements. You were helpful in narrowing down the types of properties to look at and in focusing in on the best valued properties within those groups.

Once a favourable property was identified you organised searches and professional inspections to make sure all aspects of the properties were considered and this made our task of assessing the properties easier and allayed fears of any hidden problems that may be affecting the properties.

You gave us detailed figures comparing other properties in the same area and class to allow us to assess how the chosen property compared to other sales and leasing in that area. You helped us determine rates of return for the properties and this was critical in deciding which properties to look at more closely.

As we are busy in our own businesses, we would not have found the time, or had the expertise to look at the various properties available and to have done all the research you did for us. Without you we would not have ended up with the quality properties we did and we thank you very much for your assistance.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other buyers and if and when we are ready to invest in further properties we will seek your assistance again.

- Dan and Margaret, Gordon

On a scale of one to ten, a perfect ten

“Dear Brendan

Entering the property market, particularly in Sydney, is a stressful and difficult operation, definitely not an easy environment for a novice buyer or seller. The most intelligent move Bryce and I have made was to retain Buyer’s Service for Real Estate (BSRE) to help us take that first step. You de-mystified the process and acted as a very effective and knowledgeable guide. For busy people with no real understanding of the complexities of the market or the opportunities, your support was invaluable.

Our first property purchase through BSRE was achieved with no difficulties and at a great price due to your research and auction bidding skills. Most recently, your organising the sale of two properties for us and the purchase of another was achieved with great professionalism and sympathetic handling. Your investigation of just the right agent in Sydney for one property and your extensive work in finding a winning agent for us in a regional location was outstanding and made all the difference to the outcome. Your ongoing supervision of the sales process and problem-solving capacity relieved Bryce and I of an enormous burden. Having now sold the properties and purchased another, I am confident that the high sales prices achieved and the excellent purchase price paid for our new apartment would not have been possible without the terrific work of BSRE.

People often complain that they don’t know who to trust, and that the process is made more difficult because no-one in the property game seems to understand their needs or cares to go that extra mile when the sale or purchase requires it. On a scale of one to ten, the professional support provided by yourself and Anne would be a perfect ten.

You have been unfailingly energetic on our behalf, always available and made consultation with us as the client a priority, for which we are very grateful. Your network and knowledge of just the right person or organisation to give additional advice was an unexpected but gratefully received bonus.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wanting to achieve the right result on their property buying or selling. In fact, anyone who didn’t engage BSRE would be mad.

Best Wishes"

 - Margy and Bryce, Elizabeth Bay

Net profit of $350,000 in just over two years

“Dear Brendan and Anne

I write to thank you for helping us purchase our new home in Warrawee. Without your successful negotiation with the real estate agent, we believe that we would not have succeeded in securing the house, given the strong competition at the time.

A belated thank you also for your help in purchasing our first home in Sydney four years ago when we moved up from Melbourne. As you know, it was a stressful time for both Jennie and me as we had to sell up our Melbourne properties and purchase a house in Sydney. Anne, your kindness in picking up Jennie from the airport to show her around the suburbs of Sydney was much appreciated. Your knowledge of real estate on the North Shore gave us confidence that we had made the correct decision to buy our first house in Turramurra. In fact, we made a net profit of approximately $350,000 in just over two years, which has allowed us to upgrade and purchase our new home in Warrawee.

I have been particularly impressed by your attention to detail in identifying high quality real estate in prime suburbs. I am aware of the esteem that agents hold for both of you and, as a result, they are more forthcoming with vital information that puts you in a better position to purchase the house of interest on a client’s behalf. Most importantly, your well thought-out negotiation strategies have been pivotal in securing both houses.

I look forward to again using your services when we purchase an investment property in the near future.

Kind regards"

- Steven, Warrawee

A saving of $40,000

“I am still amazed. From the time we instructed you to search for the ‘worst house in the nicest street in Balgowlah’ to settlement took only 6 weeks. It was simply a stunning achievement completed at world-record pace. Brendan’s knowledge of the estate agent, the vendor’s property history, as well as his local market insight unquestionably contributed to the successful negotiation of a property deemed to be $40,000 below market valuation. With results like these, how could we fail to recommend Buyer’s Service for Real Estate to anyone prepared to listen.”

– Alex & Camille, Balgowlah

Brilliant at Auction

“Bidding at auction is an ordeal for most people but Brendan worked out a bidding strategy from the very beginning. It worked brilliantly on the day, securing the property for us after only five bids!!! Thanks to Brendan’s years of experience and sound market knowledge, we ended up paying much less than we expected.

We are still thrilled with our purchase and there is no way we could have done it without Anne and Brendan’s help. This is the second time we have used Buyer’s Service for Real Estate and the outcome has been great on both occasions.”

– Veronica, Surry Hills

Family and friends recommend

“We’ve known about Buyer’s Service for Real Estate for some time. My wife’s cousin, a close family friend and my brother had all used Brendan and Anne’s services, and all spoke very highly of the results achieved.

This is now the second time we’ve purchased a property through Buyer’s Service for Real Estate and I couldn’t imagine not using their services. Not only do they have a great professional rapport with Real Estate agents, they make the buyer’s job so much easier. There are no ‘Dutch’ auctions when Brendan is dealing directly with fast-talking sales agents. It’s a complete game-changer when you have someone like that negotiating on your behalf.”

- Tim & Kate, Double Bay

 A daunting process made easy

"I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help in the purchase of my first property. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without you. Your knowledge, experience and expertise in the whole process were outstanding. It provided a level of confidence knowing that I was in the right hands and knew you were on my side. This being my first property purchase, I was daunted by the whole process and I am so happy that I enlisted your help.

Your help in the process was always clear, personable and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anybody. You are a sterling individual and hope to enlist your services in the future.

Thanks so much!!”

- Tamara, Sutherland

Teamwork and ultimate success

“We’d never even considered using a Buyer’s Agent prior to being referred to Buyer’s Service for Real Estate by our financial advisor.

Working with Anne and Brendan Jack was an absolute pleasure and they made the whole process seamless—from encouraging us to consider looking in areas where we could get more for our money, to preparing our viewing schedule for each weekend and picking us up and driving us from property to property, so all we had to do was focus on what we were looking at and not worry about where we were going next. Additionally, they conduct all negotiations with Real Estate Agents and always provide relevant and timely tips and advice.

I have no doubt that, without Anne and Brendan, we would not have the amazing first marital home we are enjoying living in today. With RE agents in the habit of ‘low-balling’ the “From” price, it’s really hard to know where to pitch your offer when a property is not going to auction. But with their experience and brilliant deal-broking skills, Anne and Brendan were able to advise us—within a safe value zone and while sticking to our budget— where we should be pitching our offer to ensure success.

And the service didn’t stop when we exchanged contracts. They were there to assist us with our mortgage broker and even escorted us to the final inspection on the day before the property settled, to make sure everything was in order as agreed with the vendor. They even referred us to a Property Manager in our local area to look after our original property, which is now happily tenanted. Nothing is too much trouble for Buyer’s Service for Real Estate and throughout the buying process we really felt like we were a team working towards one goal.”

- Marnie and Stephen, Dee Why

Couldn’t have done it without you 

“We’d like to say a huge thank you for all your help in securing our first home in Bellevue Hill. As first-time buyers, we were unfamiliar with the whole buying process, and given that we’d only recently moved from overseas, we didn’t have any real idea about the best suburbs to buy in. Your help made a massive difference to what otherwise would have seemed like an impossible task. We can’t wait to move in to our new home and thank you again for your time, patience, help and generosity.”

- Andrew & Lea, Bellevue Hill

 The right area, and the right place

Thank you for all your help you have provided over the past months. As a first-home buyer, the whole process of finding the right property, in the right area and in the right place seemed all too hard. But, your personal approach made the purchase of my unit an absolute walk in the park!

The luxury of having one or both of you turning up on Saturday morning with a list of “worthy” properties to visit meant that all the hard work had been done before I left the house, and I was able to focus on each individual inspection, rather than worrying  where i had to be next.

In less than 5 weeks from start to finish, I’ve ended up with a terrific unit in exactly the area i was looking and at price that I could afford. And for that, you’re both champions- I’ve been recommending you to everyone!

- Andrew, Surry Hills

The best hands possible

The advice and expertise provided by Buyer’s Service for Real Estate was the critical factor in securing our successful purchase of a family dream home. Without their support and knowledge, we would certainly have missed out on the opportunity to bid and win the auction to own one of the Shire’s most sought-after properties. The entire strategy was not only diligently and expertly put together, but the process made my husband and I feel completely secure that we were in the best hands possible. We not only felt empowered to make the best decisions for our family, but we also felt completely at ease with every decision we ended up making.”

- Anya, Kirrawee

Privileged access to unlisted properties

“ I recently utilised the services of Buyer’s Service for Real Estate, as I was seeking accommodation in Sydney while NSW Parliament is sitting.

Anne and Brendan showed me properties in the very little time I had available. Apart from scheduled unit appointments, they showed me properties that had never been advertised on the open market.

When I found a suitable unit, Brendan quickly assessed the property’s market value and expertly negotiated the purchase with the selling agent. It’s clear that Buyer’s Service for Real Estate’s knowledge of the Sydney market is comprehensive and enabled my purchase to be hassle-free.”

- Sonia Hornery, MP, Member for Wallsend

20,000 kilometres is not a problem

“As you can understand, the difficulties of purchasing a property in Sydney while still living in Sweden would have made the task impossible without your help. We appreciated the regular updates which allowed us to remain comfortable and fully informed throughout the search and purchase process. It is with pleasure that we have recommended your service to a number of our colleagues and we wish you every success.”

– Ulrika and Cliff, Goteborg, Sweden

Successful Purchase in 36 Hours

"Thank you very much for the superb service you provided, without which I would have been unable to have moved so quickly to secure such a prime Double Bay property.

Your strategy for the auction was masterful, and I felt that we were very much in control of the situation, rather than the usual situation in an auction where the buyers are largely manipulated by the sellers.

To me it is one of the life’s mysteries why, when so much effort is put into the selection of an agent to sell a property, most buyers literally fly blind into the purchase process, relying purely on their own instincts and judgement.

Buyer Service” should be a “must” in future for both the professional investor and nervous private buyer to guide them through the biggest purchase decision they are ever likely to make.

Thanks again for your superb, professional service"

- Graham, Double Bay

Saving Money & Valuable Time

"I am a professional person with limited time to spare and consequently, was not in a position to endlessly look at properties and be hassled by Real Estate Agents who did not listen or try to understand my requirements.

On contacting Brendan Jack I felt comfortable with the service he was offering and then having met Brendan and discussing my requirements, I assessed he had an innate ability to focus on my needs. At last I had found real estate professional who had a vast knowledge of his field as well as endless contacts.

Most importantly he was working totally for me and not for a vendor trying to sell a specific property.

Brendan very quickly sourced suitable properties for my viewing. He “opened doors” not possible for a mere purchaser before and quickly and efficiently negotiated a most acceptable price for exactly the right property.

On all occasions I found him in no way forceful but all times honest and caring of my needs - always confirming that I was looking within my financial requirements and liaising with my Accountant and Solicitor. When negotiating, I appreciated Brendan’s expertise and knowledge of the real estate industry and was most impressed with the high regard he is obviously held amongst his peers within the real estate industry.

Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Brendan’s services. He is a person with whom I have confidence and rapport. He certainly achieved my aims - finding the suitable property at the right price in a short time.

In short, Brendan Jack is superb value for the service he offers." 

- Susie, McMahons Point

The Home You so Quickly found is a Dream Come True

Dear Brendan and Anne,

Having spent 27 years living happily in the home I shared with my late husband I was not at all motivated to take on the enormous task of finding and buying another house, and marketing my own. However during recent years it was becoming increasingly clear that my quality of life would be greatly enhanced by moving to an area nearer to most of my family and close friends.

When I heard about your amazing complete service I realised that I could follow my friends and change my life. The home you so quickly found for me Anne is a dream come true, and your skill in securing it for me at auction Brendan, in what is definitely a seller’s market, was very impressive.

Thank you for your constant friendliness, advice and support in all the details of not only completing the purchase of my new house, but also successfully selling my present home. You have certainly eased the stress and enabled me to look forward joyfully to the next years of my life.

- Pam, Lindfield

A fee repaid many times over

“I am a busy person and so had limited time available to find and purchase a property. As a professional myself, I truly cannot understand why anyone would contemplate spending a million dollars or more on a property without professional assistance.

My investment in your fee has repaid itself many times over in the countless hours you saved me. Your expert advice guided me to a high quality selection of properties—some of which I saw even before they were officially listed, including the one I bought—which gave me a competitive advantage and ensured that whenever I made a bid or put an offer on a property, it was always at the right price. You stayed with me through two auctions and a failed offer, but I never felt pressured to settle for anything less than a property I was 100% satisfied with.

I was hugely impressed by your honesty, integrity and professionalism, and I’ll miss our Saturday mornings together, though I look forward to using your service again in a few years time when I buy my next property.”

- Fiona, Paddington

Detailed Market Analysis

We had been looking for six months without success and had become demoralised by the whole process. After missing out on other properties at auction, we are so glad we sought your help as without it we are certain we would not be home-owners right now.

From the start, your knowledge, experience and extensive contacts in the Sydney market made us feel confident that we were in good hands. Given the stresses of being first-home buyers, we appreciated you taking time to walk us through the process and provide us with regular updates.

The detailed market analysis that you conducted exceeded our expectations and gave us the confidence to stretch our budget. Subsequent sales in the area have proven you were right and we are delighted to have got such a great deal.

-Jessica & Robert, Alexandria

Commercial purchase with difficult vendor

On behalf of my partners and myself, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your professionalism and commitment in recently negotiating the successful purchase of our firm’s new office premises in Taren Point. 

I also note that the recent valuation undertaken on behalf of our finance provider Orix, confirms your previous advice that we have purchased an excellent piece of commercial property at a very good price.

Your considerable effort in dealing with a difficult vendor and in successfully negotiating the final purchase price and additional car parking spaces etc is much appreciated. 

As you are aware I have already referred you to one of my valued clients who has also been very pleased with the result you achieved for him in the acquisition of his factory unit at Kingsgrove.

Thank you for all your hard work and a job well done. I will continue to recommend your services to our clients whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

- Matthew, Taren Point

The best professional people

I am writing with regards to the recent purchase of an investment property to express my appreciation of your professional service in this regard. I am thankful for your tireless efforts in securing the property and achieving the best possible outcome.

The property is exactly what I was seeking and I would still be looking had it not been for your experience in securing the property. I had no hesitation in utilising your services again.

To be successful in the investment market you have to surround yourself with the best professional people and once again the service you provide in my opinion is the best and I have no hesitation in recommending Buyers Service to anyone who requires it.

As discussed, I will be seeking further investments in the future which I will require your services.

- Steve, Chatswood