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Buyer’s Service For Real Estate leverages its 50-plus years of industry experience and a broad network of Real Estate connections to assist clients with property sales. Our end-to-end Sales Assistance Service ensures that clients have access to complete professional guidance at every step in the process.

“My sincere thanks for your help with selling my unit in Randwick. Your wealth of Real Estate experience was apparent from the initial advertising and dealing with agents, through to final negotiations leading to the sale. What would have been a very time-consuming and incredibly stressful period was made so much easier with your expert guidance. I really don’t know how I would have managed without you.”

- Wendy, Lane Cove

Our services include:

     ⦁ Meeting with you to discuss and map out the proposed sale of your property.
     ⦁ Obtaining price assessments and marketing programs from the best Real Estate agents in your area, assessing these and then assisting you to decide the best agent to conduct the sale.
     ⦁ We conduct an independent evaluation of your property to confirm a reliable guide to the price you should expect.
     ⦁ We monitor the progress of the sale on your behalf.
     ⦁ We assist with the negotiation of all offers on your behalf with the selling agent.
     ⦁ If required, in conjunction with your solicitor and the selling agent, we organise the exchange of contracts on your sale.
     ⦁ We follow the sale through - all the way to settlement

The great value of our Sales Assistance Service is that the whole sales process is professionally managed for you.

What does Buyer’s Service For Real Estate gain from providing this service? We gain satisfied clients. And satisfied clients generate 97% of our business.