Buyers Service

Residential Property Purchase

“The detailed market analysis that you conducted exceeded our expectations and gave us the confidence to stretch our budget. Subsequent sales in the area have proven you were right and we are thrilled to have got such a great deal. ”    

- Jessica and Robert, Alexandria

When you engage Buyer’s Service For Real Estate to purchase a residential property on your behalf, you can be 100% confident that we will:

Words cannot express my gratitude to you both for all that you have done for my family and friends - a total of 9 property purchases and organising 3 property sales.

Brendan has a unique ability to judge the market and the agent and has different strategies depending on the different circumstances.

His experience in reading and understanding pest, building and strata reports is invaluable.

Most importantly, Brendan has shown us all his genuine pleasure in being able to assist in the acquation of the desired property. He gets great satifaction from doing his job; he should because he is good at it.

We certainly needed an expert to talk the same language as the agent, but Brendan you go much further - I am in awe of your ability - what a class act you are! 

- Judith, Pymble