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Our partial service offers an efficient and flexible approach to enhance your property purchase decisions in a smarter way.
Residential Part Service

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Commercial / Industrial Part Service

Expert Solutions for Your Commercial/Industrial Property Ventures

Our Part Service

you identify the property and we do the rest

We carry out our due diligence on your selected property.

We will assess the price range in which we could safely negotiate a purchase price – after having checked relevant sales – to ensure we gain the best possible deal for you.

We will organise any necessary Reports and Certificates – where required.

For you we will negotiate the purchase price; terms and conditions with the selling agent and arrange the exchange of contracts.

Should the property be for sale by auction – we will obtain a written authority and bidding limit from you – and we will bid on your behalf. If you are unable to attend the auction we will arrange with your solicitor a limited Power of Attorney. This will enable us to sign the contract on your behalf. During the auction process we will be in telephone contact with you – so you may track the auction progress.

We will follow the sale through from exchange of contracts to settlement.

We will attend the pre settlement inspection with you or your designated representative.

Partial Residential Buyer Services

Unlocking Your Property Potential

key benefits of our part service

Professional guidance in securing favourable deals

With our extensive negotiation expertise, we provide strategic guidance throughout the negotiation process, ensuring that you receive the best possible terms and conditions for your property purchase, ultimately saving you money and maximising value.

Expert Due Diligence

Our experienced team meticulously evaluates property details, conducts thorough inspections, and assesses legal and financial aspects, providing you with valuable insights and peace of mind before making a final decision on your property investment.

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